Global Classroom

Global Classroom Partnership is a unique international project. It is one of the largest long-term international partnerships in the world. The roots of the partnership go as far back as 1989, but the partnership was officially established in 1996 and our school has been part of it since the very beginning.

Global Classroom Logo

At present, eight secondary schools are involved in the project (Shetland Islands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, the USA, Australia, the Czech Republic).  Groups of eight to twelve senior students from each partner school share ideas and information using social networking sites to prepare for an annual Global Classroom Conference hosted on a rotating basis by one of the partner schools.  The topics of the recent conferences were “The Book”, “Sharing Pasts, Shaping Futures”, “Education and the Future”, “Student Wellbeing”, “Embrace the Differences” or “Ideas Change the World”.

The Global Classroom Partnership emphasizes the importance of shared learning. The key motto of the project is “Learn locally, think globally”.


The course of preparations for the conference, our students’ projects, as well as short reports from the conferences, can be viewed on