About school

Gymnázium Zlín – Lesní čtvrť

Our grammar school is located in a quiet part of Zlín, which is a statutory city, university seat and centre of the Zlín Region. The location of our school is in a peaceful part of Zlín but very convenient within an easy reach of students from all parts of the city.

Aerial view of school School plan

Gymnazium is a grammar school which provides the students with a general education completed by the school-leaving examination and prepares them fully for their studies at universities. Our grammar school is attractive to the students in particular because of the level of education provided. This is confirmed by the successes of our graduates in entry exams for all types of universities and colleges. The average successfulness of graduates of our school in university and technical colleges entrance examinations exceeds 90 %.  Gymázium Zlín – Lesní čtvrť is a warm, friendly and vibrant community and we have a highly appreciated reputation for academic excellence.

The first years of studying are devoted to a general grounding in a range of subjects. From the third year on (of the four-year programme) and the seventh year on (of the eight-year programme)  the students have the option to take part in a number of optional subject courses and seminars  to suit their own interests and needs and they can also specialise in a form of academic subjects with their future careers in mind. In addition to other optional subjects, the school offers the following variants of study:  Programming, Computer graphics, Economy, Descriptive geometry and Latin. 

The total number of the students at our school is over 920 and they are divided into 32 classes. The school opens 16 classes in the eight-year programme of the general education, two classes in each grade (for the students from 11 to 19 years of age) and 16 classes in the four-year programme (for the students from 15 to 19 years of age).

In our school you can find 55 classrooms (specialist language labs, well equipped modern laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, special classrooms for teaching Social Science, History, Geography, Maths, Music and Art and the computer rooms). Our classrooms are equipped with the computers, interactive boards, data projectors, headphones, the material kits for teaching the vocational subjects and with the internet connection.

Students have at their disposal a library with 10 000 books plus 6 computers. The library (together with study rooms of Social Science, Geography and History departments) serves as a study space while it fulfils a modern student´s study needs. You can find a rich collection of Czech and world literature as well as academic literature and books in foreign languages.

For teaching Physical Education, our school uses three gyms including a bodybuilding room. Moreover, the students have at their disposal two sport grounds for the ball games and a running track located in the nearby forest.

Our school has its own school canteen which cooks three meals daily with the capacity of 600 – 700 students.

The grammar school is attractive to our students in particular because of the level of the foreign language education provided. The students take part in written placement tests so that they can be allocated to a suitable level and that means that in one group, there can be students from different classes. They are taught in differentiated groups, which can cater for students at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of language proficiency. The employment of the native speakers also contributes to the advanced knowledge of foreign languages at the school. Our school cooperates with Lingua Centrum and P.A.R.K language schools. Our school organizes special courses to prepare applicants for the Cambridge English exams (FCE/CAE). Those studying German language can participate in Deutsches Sprachdiplom Project followed by   Deutsches Sprachdiplom (C1 – B1) exam. French DELF (B2 – A1) exams are organized directly at our school. All the language courses are led by experienced teachers of our grammar school. As an essential complement to language studies, the school offers trips, excursions and international exchange programmes to help our students develop their language and social skills.

Cooperation and partner institutions

Fundamental presumption of a successful cooperation on a national and international scale is a sufficient presentation of the school and relationship building with Czech and foreign partners. In the sphere of education, it is represented mainly by the mobility of students and teachers within the framework of various programmes.

Our school is proud of the Global Classroom partnership with six partner schools from USA, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Germany and UK.

We cooperate with the partner school Gymnazium Partizánske, Slovakia (which includes sport events as well as exchange and visit programmes and other project activities) and with the Collège Emilien Adam de Villiers, Saint-Pierre, Réunion (mobility of the teachers and the exchange programmes for the students). In addition, our school cooperates with Santo Domingo in Villanueva de Castellón, Spain (exchange and visit programmes) and with Gerhart-Hauptmann-Mittelschule, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany (long – term cooperation and the exchange programmes).

We participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Our schools concluded a cooperation agreement with the Tomas Bata University in Zlin (lectures, discussion, skills concerning ICT, Chemistry and languages) and with Palacký University in Olomouc (cooperation concerning Science).